How Would You Rate THIS Customer Service?

I am currently in residence at The Ship in Weybridge, England where it is costs, with exchange rate, just under $250 per night.

This morning there was no water. None.

All the guests received the following:

Dear Guest,

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you this morning by the lack of hot and cold water within the hotel.

Further to investigation it appears that the main external supply had been interrupted overnight, resulting in the storage tanks on the property running dry. This was resolved as soon as we were able;however it did take considerable time for the water tanks to refill and heat. Please rest assured that the system is now functioning normally again.

It is extremely unusual for The Ship to encounter an issue such as this, and I appreciate your understanding with the disruption experienced.

Should you require any assistance for the remainder of your stay with us, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or a member of my management team, who will be delighted to help in any way possible.

Kind Regards,
A. S. ( name omitted out of kindness)
General Manager

You make the call, customer service success or failure?

If you would like a hint look here.

6 responses to “How Would You Rate THIS Customer Service?

  1. Curits, this is great. I was thinking this might be one of the reasons our forfathers were forced to revolt. 🙂 Don’t get any crazy ideas, it’s best to find a nice cool pond and bathe there.

    Love how you threaded the two post together by the way. What great insight for a “hint”.

  2. Tough one Curtis… I know I would expect an apology, which you got. Maybe some sort of compensation for the inconvenience. Looks like that wasn’t even offered. But maybe things are different in England than the US.

  3. Agreed. Success in acknowledging the incident.
    Failure in putting their money where their mouth is. 😦

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