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New from Apple: An app, a bundle, and a cool device

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay area it stands to reason I have friends at Apple. Every so often I get a sneak peak at what’s “coming soon”.  Forget iPhone 5 or iPad 3 this stuff in the iLife series is cool!

Ever found yourself in a conversation struggling to find a way to connect? Never again. This cool little app will prop up your social skills in a heart beat. iKnow,Right? listens in on the conversation then it quickly parses the language for content, tone, and emotion. Within seconds your iPhone prompts you with statistics, photos, video…even your own stored stories…that have relevance to the conversation.

  • Green bars mean a great connection – you can jump right in: “I know, right? Just like this one time…!”
  • Yellow is iffy – a little riskier: “I know, right? I think I heard a song that was almost like that.”
  • Red is high risk: Your app found something you can use but you’d better push the button to save it for next time! “I know, right? I wish there was a video like that!”

Features include:

  • OneTouch saving
  • iNtellistory – save your own anecdotes in easy to retrieve format
  • Multiple search engine access
  • Instant connection to iTunes

Sound knowledgeable, come off savvy, and climb the social ladder!

Next up this little bundle of joy. With so many couples finding each other over the internet these days the iDo is the perfect way to tie the knot.

The perfect bundle of hardware and software that’ll make your special day memorable….and portable to anywhere!

The iDo bundle includes an iPad preloaded with:

  • 500 customizable invitation templates to choose from
  • marriage licenses from all 50 states
  • an interactive officiant*
  • 250 song reception play list
  • and much more

Of course the bride and groom each get their own His and Her iPhones. And for your wedding party? Eight iPod Shuffles in a bouquet of colors for attendants or family.

* Officiant application licensed in Colorado. Colorado State law allows any person to perform a wedding ceremony, not just clergy or judicial officers. This means you can meet online and get married on line as well!! An in app purchase option even allows you to select from over 100 celebrity voices!

Don’t get stuck depending on a location or a preacher to do your wedding. Take it on the road with iDo!

But if you’re still out there playing the field and you’re not yet ready to settle down then perhaps you need this cool device. Don’t be fooled, iGlasses aren’t exactly what you’d expect.

Imagine you’re out on the town with your compadres and you’ve ingested a few more beverages than is good for promoting sound judgment. As closing time rolls around you may or may not know it but you’re wearing a full fledged pair of beer goggles.  iGlasses to the rescue!

The sweet piece of hardware is designed to work with your iPhone. Simply plug it in and put ’em on. The inside of the lenses are coated in photosensitive retina scanning film that allows the device to quickly register literally thousands of micro expressions. Sensors in the temple capture heart rate, skin temperature change, and nerve conductivity. The result is an accurate assessment of your interest level!

The pay off? Leveraging FaceTime technology your phone displays both the person you’re looking at (in the small window) and the person you THINK you’re looking at (in the big window) based on your level of interest. This gives your wing man the chance to step in and save you from yourself! The picture is even saved on your phone as proof, just in case your buddies let you down!

No worries ladies there is a version for you too! (Although an anonymous source inside Apple confesses that the ladies version won’t sell as well. It seems ladies are less apt to wear beer goggles in the first place.)

Apple doesn’t expect consumers to jump on these too quickly though they do believe there is a HUGE market for bars and clubs to have multiple pairs on hand as rentals. Expect to see these popping up at a watering hole near you.

Features Include:

  • MicroScan technology
  • Image capture
  • Warning alerts with sound
  • Icon alerts as to whether you’ve got their phone number already
  • Also available soon as iGlasses FS (flying solo) with more sound based alerting, multiple frame options, and wireless connectivity

“Which is clearer, number one…or number two…one…or two…” iGlasses

Obviously any similarity between these Apples releases and actual products is purely coincidental. I just needed something to stir up the creative juices.

What fanciful iCreation do you have in mind? What would you ask them to create in the iSeries?